A Legal Kit for your Food Photography Business

Food Photographers


Includes 1:1 Client Agreement & Website Collection

When you purchase your contract you will get an email with your documents immediately!

One Time Payment of $799

Have YOUR own contract ready in the next 15 minutes!


What's Included:

Attorney Drafted

Attorney drafted contracts & policies - it includes everything you need to make sure your coaching business (and income) is protected to the max.

Instantly Downloadable

Upon purchase you will be emailed instant access to this downloadable Word Document that you can then upload onto your website.

Easy to Customize

Your purchase includes directions on how to customize this template for YOUR business, policies, type of coaching, and your location.


Food Photographers Basic Bundle

The contracts you need to protect your business, sales, and website

  • What Is It?

    The Bundle is a collection of contracts & policies for your food photography business. It includes a 1:1 client agreement and website policies (privacy policy, terms of service & disclaimers)

  • What Does It Do?

    This collection includes everything you need to get your food photography business protect from the beginning. The 1:1 Client Agreement allows you to start working with clients NOW and the Website Collection helps ensure your content, newsletter, and website are protected (AND legit so you avoid unwanted fines $$$)

  • Who Is It For?

    -Food Photographers


    -See example at left!


  • What Else?

    If you've been operating your food photography business with nada in your legal toolbox, this is the bundle for you. Sleep better tonight KNOWING your business (and income) is now protected!

We all think “that will never happen to me. I don’t work with people that would do THAT.”  But the reality is that you could end up having someone dissatisfied with your work, some emergency or accident pop up, some refund asked for or who knows what else.

Working with Sarah and having her create my contacts for me takes all that “What If Stress” off my mind. 

I KNOW I’m covered, I KNOW that if something happens I will actually be able to think through the response I want to give and how I want to handle the situation because LEGALLY the decision is already made.   I don’t want to deal with all the legal language and documentation, so Sarah does it for me. I get to focus on doing what I love & she makes sure what I love is protected."

Kelly Grignon,

Coach at

Food Photographers Bundle

Includes 1:1 Client Agreement & Website Collection

When you purchase your contract you will get an email with your documents immediately!

One Time Payment of $799

Have YOUR own contract ready in the next 15 minutes!

I can totally just write this myself, right?!?!

Hmmmm, I don't know about you but I wouldn't try fixing my own filling or sewing up a huge cut on my arm. Why? Cause I didn't go to school for that and have little to no idea what I'm doing (even watching some YouTube videos isn't going to help!)


Guess what?  I went to law school and learned HOW to write contracts and legal terms and after years of being in the online business world, I know exactly what needs to go in them.  And no offense, but you don't!  Sure you can look at other peoples or do some googling but...will you ever REALLY be sure that you have everything it needs to protect you? 


You Don't Know What You Don't Know...

​Your Bundle for Food Photography

The template includes all the legal language you need and nothing you don't - its easy to understand and not full of legal mumbo jumbo!

  • Package Terms

  • Payment and Refund Policy

  • Disclaimers

  • Copyright

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Dispute resolution clauses

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